Full Resolution Media


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This option will provide you with the full resolution and unwatermarked media taken of you at the hookgrip Spartakiad II.  This will include all photos and videos taken by hookgrip owned/operated cameras.  In addition, if you purchase this option, we will do our best to take extra photos (ie, sequence) above and beyond what we would take of you otherwise.  However, this purchase does not include video taken for the live stream — this media will, however, be archived online for later viewing after the meet.

You will receive a link to download your media within 2 weeks after the end of the meet.

In addition, all media purchased through this option will include full commercial rights including the ability to transfer the media to sponsors, employers and other partners for full usage in any manner with no expiration date on this right.

NOTE: This option will not be available at the meet and MUST be prepurchased at least one week prior to the meet. Once this option is marked out of stock on this site, it will no longer be available.


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