Q: Where is the meet taking place? What is the schedule?

A: Check out the Where/When and Schedule items on the top bar. But the meet is taking place in San Antonio, TX on Mar 12/13 2016.

Q: How much is it to participate in the meet?

A: Regular registration is $130.

Q: How can I buy spectator tickets?

A: Standard spectator tickets are available only at the door, cash or charge. $15/day or $20/weekend. We have assigned seating and VIP spectator tickets available online.

Q: Will you be taking pictures and videos of me?

A: Yes, we will be taking pictures and videos of every lifter and we will be posting them online after the meet. However, the pictures/videos posted online will be web-level resolution and watermarked. The unwatermarked versions can be purchased on this website at the time of registration, see here.

Q: Why is the meet expensive? I did another meet and it was $35…

A: Because this meet is being held in an expensive venue (it’s normally used for weddings and corporate events), there will be a raised platform, there will be professional-level lighting and we are doing a number of other production aspects that are quite expensive (like multi camera live stream, TV screens with meet scoreboards, etc). So it is a much more expensive meet to run than a meet on a floor level platform at a local crossfit or WLC without lighting or pro-level meet features!

Q: Are there prizes?

A: While we did prizes for our Spartakiad I and we will likely do prizes for other Spartakiads in the future, we’ve dropped the price of this meet and removed prizes due to the proximity of the meet to Nationals and Olympic Trials, not to mention the Olympig Games later in the year. We are, instead, using that part of the budget to bring in some high level athletes.

Q: Who can register?

A: Anyone with a USAW membership can register and lift! You do not need to be an American citizen to sign up for a USAW membership. If you aren’t a USAW member yet, lifting at the hookgrip Spartakiad will just cost you a bit more but you’ll have a one year membership.